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What makes our farming different


Because plants are incredibly absorbent, high density of soil minerals and nutrients can be incredibly useful. Also, it's important to grow in soil that hasn't had exposure to herbicides, pesticides, synthetic soil nutrients, and other chemicals. Many "organic" and "non-gmo" products are grown on soil that's been commercially farmed with chemicals and synthetic nutrients for decades. Hemp and many of the crops we use for health supplements absorb these harmful compounds. They can also absorb lead, arsenic, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from the soil. The Natural Well health supplements grow in nutrient-dense soil without these contaminants and our products don't have heavy metals, lead, or arsenic like many other brands do.

Hands in the Soil

Our Grow Process

Our products go through extreme attention to detail to ensure quality. Our farms, soil, extraction, emulsion, ingredients, lab testing, strains, and plant compounds are all a part of what makes us different. The results are highly beneficial. For example, the end result for our hemp products is high-quality CBD that's full-spectrum phyto-sourced cannabinoid-rich oil that contains no solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides. Our hemp is harvested 100 - 115 days after planting and immediately processed to ensure maximum retention of hemp compounds and micronutrients. Another example is our aloe is grown in volcanic soil that is nutrient-dense. This provides 3-6x higher rates of compound density than many leading aloe brands.

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