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What you need to know about CBD


Having a pure clean CBD product is just as important as having an advanced product. Many supplements, medications, and CBD products available today contain solvents and/or synthetic carrier bases. Solvents are leftover from processing and carrier bases are added to dilute products. Like many supplements or medications, hemp CBD products may be healthy, but many of them contain solvents and/or synthetic carrier bases. Taken over a long period of time those solvents and carrier bases begin to damage or impair bodily functions. Our CBD oil products contain no synthetic flavoring, no heavy metals, pesticides and no residual solvents.


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Phytomatrix CBD not Synthetic

Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies can make synthetic cannabinoids. These are much cheaper but they often have a dangerously high LD-50 rating. Plant-sourced phytomatrix CBD and phytomatrix cannabinoids are pure extracts from nature. When companies don't openly say they use phyto-sourced active compounds it can mean they're using synthetic hemp compounds. This is perfectly legal for companies to use, and much more widely used than expected. While synthetic compounds mimic the effects of natural cannabinoids, in large amounts and over extended periods of time they can have several negative and occasionally severe side effects.

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